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Wellness Works Canada Mental Health First Aid Kit

Put the H back into OHS and get a mental health kit to support the mental well-being of your employees. Our kits are packaged in a quality first aid case. They include a guide to building a healthy, high performing culture, guide to psychological first aid, fidget toys, stress balls, breathing exercises, resilience tips, motivational cards, mental health resources, mindfulness colouring sheets, peppermint tea, pencil crayons/individually packaged crayons, 'let's chat' wrist-bands, inspirational cards, and more.  If you are sending kits to your employees while they are working remotely, or need kits for several departments, contact us for a bulk discount.

As a bonus, add on the book, A Better Place to Work, Daily Practices That Transform Culture, by Deborah Connors for an extra $22 (valued at $29.95).

NOTE: If you would like to pay offline or make bulk discounted order, please contact us and we will help you out!