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Our Purpose

We are your not-for-profit workplace well-being and performance association. We support workplace well-being practitioners and employers to build healthy, high-performing work cultures. We empower and guide our members with simple, evidence-informed, cost-effective education, resources, consulting, training and certifications. We also advocate for the profound impact well-being has on performance. To learn more about us, head on to our main site here.

Cost-effective partner memberships and certifications are available for students, practitioners, providers, and employers.

Workplace Well-being Practitioners
We are the only national association in Canada that supports and advocates for workplace well-being and performance practitioners across all industries and sectors. Our memberships give you access to all of the tools, resources, education, and connections you need to go about building healthy, high-performing work cultures. Three levels of individual accreditation are available for those with varying levels of experience and education. Using an innovative platform, we recognize your existing competencies and guide you through an online, asynchronous, simple-to-use assessment and validation process that gives you tailored feedback from an expert each week giving you recognition as a Certified Workplace Health and Performance Ambassador, Practitioner or Expert.

Employer Memberships and Certifications
Workplace memberships and certifications are also available to meet you where you are. We can help assess, transform and recognize you as an employer of choice. Get connected to an expert to conduct an audit, and assessment and get treated to a strategy session that will get you measurable results. On the way, get certified and gain widespread exposure of your accomplishments. Then receive ongoing support to bolster both employee well-being and organizational performance.

Learn more about membership and certification options.

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